Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new year = new resolution?

when it comes to new year.
everyone will brag about new resolution.
unfortunate for me.
every year is the same.
u go to school come back home sweat.
do ur homework.
go to tuition.
came back home then sleep.
repeated for 5 days until the end of the year.
but this year is a special year for me and all for the form 5s.
this is what decide where will we go next.
gotta study hard to get the best result as can.
HOPE PRAY and HARDWORK is what we really need this year!!!
somehow it didnt went well yet for me.
somehow im not use to school like im a lil kid ;(
feels like something wrong or is it im scared of SPM??
im trying to have fun this year coz its gonna be my last year of school as SENIOR!!
respect me underlings!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

hey guys

im back with new shitty post.
nothing to talk about.
and its been 1 week after hari raya.
but i still want to wish u guys a SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to all my friends and readers of this shitty blog.
1 week of holiday does not pay me off.
still waiting for the end school holiday though.
more free time!! >.<''
since we all will be going back to school.
make sure u guys finish ur hw.
cause i dont.
eventhough i remember a lil bit what should do.
but i dont do it.
please dont take my example ;P
well if some of u guys dont enjoy ur holiday enough?
cheer up!
i feel pity to those who take the exams. (wahahahaahahahahahahaha!! now u feel like we feel last year!!!)
jom we raya together2 lol

rambut ku T^T sial skola

Sunday, July 26, 2009

oh shit. bullshit.

oh shit.
last post 31 may.
long time ago.
nothing to write?
maybe a kezillion.
or zillion
or billion
or million
or just few things
or just one thing
mcm2 bende berlaku.
liek pokok.
pokok je tau.
how come i addictive to this mother nature thingy.
all because i want a damn certificate.
normal one.
not that special one that u hav to go away from ur home for 3 or 2 days.
thats mean NO internet for 2 or 3 days!
and i cant live without internet :D
pokok sivik tu kelas omega tanam lidah jin.
and pokok bunga tahi ayam?
and some other red flower that i dont know and dont giv a shit actually.
just want the job is done.
my name is display well.
and everything look perfectly well.
including the kerengga roaming around the big tree.
trying to bite anyone disturbing their territory.
thats what irfan always said.
about the population day.
3 days of non-stop activity,
tired as hell actually.
but not dying.
why am i writing this shit at last minute before going to sleep?
and tomorrow got damn school.
oh i wish im at university right now.
or something else.
that is much better.
didnt expect to write this long.
this crappy long.
going to sleep.
oh my internet is faster for these 3 days.
cause my dad's pc is not at home.
his flashget is lagging my damn internet.
even i cannot google well.
the fastest internet in the world.
i think.
how come?
ask streamyx.
damn u streamyx.
eventhough u r the best internet around malaysia right now.
but still.
u r DAMN.
im glad u by my side :)
my dad wont go to work tomorrow.
thats mean slow internet.
like hell.
im off :D
*google sushi pillow.
*they look comfy and delicious :D

Sunday, May 31, 2009

oh shit?!

last post 1 may.
its been a month.
and i dont post anything.
latest thing is I went to terengganu.
same old activity.
swimming in the pool.
building up body.
not really.
the most important thing is.
god damn exam is done.
we all have free times.
except asrama student.
idzy say his hw is 100x more than me.
thats mean 0 to logical.
cause i dont have any hw.
i think.
and if i do have.
theres no way im doing it.
suppose go watching penyu at terengganu.
but nope.
go home.
carnival bj end up already.
no chance of enjoying it.
looks kinda FUN.
say intan.
she says boring.
i skip school on friday.
no teachers day for me.
didnt get a chance seeing nazerin wearing a sari.
tell me if i spell it wrong.
next trip in my super cool school vacation.
going to singapore.
see merlion.
see night safari.
sosososo more.
i think.
i've write so much for this post.
so then.

Friday, May 1, 2009

uh huh. yeah.

lama gler aku x update blog nih.
well duh.
bkn ade pape special pon terjadi kt aku.
well ari tu gi pangkor.
a class trip.
babi waves die gler bleh bunuh org :P
even though it is dangerous.
tp bes.
pst sains negara x tau sgt nk buat pe.
tp ok la gak.
oh ya.
aku dh dpt lesen P.
aku dh bleh boncing org.
tp aku x biase lg bwk org ke sana ke mari =.=''

Thursday, April 2, 2009

uh huh

yah yah yah.
no pic of my motor yet.
there will be.
just u guyz wait.
that's going to be forever.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

omg bes naik motor.

aku dh experience naik motor.
gi tusyen!
no more cycling to tusyen at 10pm!!
nanti aku post gmbar motor baru aku.